Free Tip Sheet: 5 Ways Aquatic Therapy Impacts Rehabilitation

Aquatic Therapy is helping to change the standard of rehabilitative care. Find out why.  


Aquatic therapy has been used for years by progressive physical therapists and athletic trainers. The use of physical therapy pools has decreased recovery times allowing clinicians to rewrite protocols for common injuries.

In a Utah State University research study, participants utilizing the underwater treadmill for treatment had a 19% decrease in perceived pain compared to similar subjects who experienced a 51% increase in perceived pain from land exercise.

Download our tip sheet today to learn why water should be a key component to rehabilitative programs, including:

  • How recovery timeframes for orthopedic injuries are accelerated through the use of hydrotherapy.
  • How patients enjoy rehabilitation better in the water than on land, making them less likely to cancel rehabilitation sessions.
  • How underwater treadmill walking builds lean muscle mass and leg strength faster land exercise.

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