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Careful and thorough planning is essential for launching any successful enterprise. Having a well-constructed business plan is also an absolute must if you need financing to get your business started.
If your business is currently in the planning stage, HydroWorx – a leading provider of aquatic therapy pools for commercial operations – gives you the user-friendly tools you need to simplify the process at no cost to you! Use our Aquatic Program "Getting Started Kit" to learn how you can maximize your investment.
What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Our "Getting Started Kit"?
Our Aquatic Program "Getting Started Kit" is ideally suited for individuals interested in starting or adding aquatic therapy to enhance one of the following types of businesses:
  • Physical Therapy or Hospital Rehabilitation Center
  • Sports Performance Facilities
  • Personal Training Studios
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Military Rehabilitation Facilities



Key Highlights


  • Valuable step-by-step guidance for growing your business
  • Financial return information
  • Reimbursement information
  • Marketing plans and ideas



Interactive ROI Calculator Highlights


  • Specific ROI figures tailored to your facility and your personal investment
  • Capital investment considerations
  • Operating assumptions
  • Patient volume projection
  • 1 and 5 year profit and loss statements

Who Uses HydroWorx Therapy Pools?



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HydroWorx HydroTherapy In Action


Benefit a wide variety of patients and grow your patient-base.


How Can a Hydrotherapy Pool Contribute to Your Business?

Incorporating a HydroWorx therapy pool into your business plan can offer numerous short- and long-term benefits including:


  • The ability to offer a more diverse realm of treatment/care
  • A more comfortable environment for older individuals and those suffering from chronic pain
  • An effective tool when marketing your business to physicians
  • An increase in your client/patient roster, as well as your business's net revenues and profits
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