Free Tip Sheet: 4 EFFective Ways to Generate Referrals for Your Physical Therapy Practice

Creating a referral network doesn’t happen on its own, so fostering referrals should be an integral part of your business marketing and operations strategies.



When you consider that physical therapy in the United States is a 30 billion dollar industry, it’s clear that there are opportunities for private practice clinic owners to increase revenue. One of the most common methods is through the active generation of referrals.

Referrals can come from numerous sources, such as surgeons, physicians and physicians’ assistants, non-competing physical therapists and clinics, current and past clients, and local schools. Of course, it takes a planned approach to enjoy a continuous, reliable and quantiable stream of referrals for your physical therapy practice.

“For us it’s just a benefit to have a niche practice, an adjunct to our equipment that we can use to benefit our patients. It sets us apart differently from everyone else." - Kelly McFarland, PT, DPT, Owner of Premier Rehab Physical Therapy and Aquatics

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