HydroWorx Mobile Showroom Experience
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We invite you to explore the new benchmark in construction-free aquatic therapy!DSC_2829.finalnobike.jpg

HydroWorx technology is traveling across the country to educate physical therapists, athletic trainers, physicians and even patients on “Why Water Worx.” Equipped with a HydroWorx technology including underwater treadmill and resistance jets, our Mobile Showroom demonstrates the benefits of aquatic therapy with advanced technology for post-surgical patients, those with chronic pain or arthritis, neurological and spine conditions, elite athletes and many more. The versatility of the product allows clinicians to treat all areas of the body in addition to utilizing the advanced technology to increase fitness levels, balance strength and flexibility.

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What to Expect When the Mobile Showroom Stops By 

The HydroWorx 200, 300 and 350 units require no construction and is a self-contained system that is perfect for existing locations like a leased physical therapy clinic, therapy gym or small athletic training room. It is also a great addition for wellness programs.

If you have ever considered aquatic therapy but have never had the space or construction budget to add a pool, we’d encourage you to sign up for a Mobile Showroom Demo. With no obligation to you, our mobile showroom will drive to your clinic for a private demo experience. We encourage clinicians, referring physicians and patients to experience this unique opportunity.

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Who Is Using HydroWorx?

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