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If you own or operate a retirement community, a HydroWorx underwater treadmill pool can provide many benefits for your residents. By requesting our free "Toolkit for Senior Living Communities" information package, you're taking an important first step toward putting the revolutionary HydroWorx technology to work in your facility!
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  • The latest research on product innovations and technology pertaining to water therapy and fitness
  • Information about water therapy and fitness programs that can help your business grow
  • Real-world examples about how other senior living communities have used HydroWorx technology
  • Useful marketing tips for how to successfully integrate underwater treadmill technology into your community

"They can't believe it, they can't believe the way their body feels when they're walking because it's so different in the water and they can speed it up and slow it down and they really enjoy that. And then when you throw the jets in there and they feel the water coming out. They're done, they just love it."


Deb Kunkle, Country Meadows Retirement Community, Memory Support Coordinator

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Request Your Free "Toolkit for Senior Living Communities" Package
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