The Stages of Aquatic Rehabilitation After ACL Tear


Presented By:  Randy Cohen, ATC, Assistant Director of Athletics, University of Arizona

ACL Webcast

An ACL tear is a common sports related injury that affects many athletes. The pre and post-surgical rehabilitation can be complicated and long term. Randy Cohen, ATC is an athletic trainer at the University of Arizona who has over 10 years’ experience utilizing the HydroWorx pools to rehab ACL injuries. He will review the use of the pools from the time of injury to days after surgery to low impact conditioning after the athlete has returned to sport. Randy will discuss all steps along the rehab process and the ways that water therapy and the HydroWorx pools enhance the overall rehab process and function when the athlete returns to sport.

Attendees will learn:

  • the importance of aquatic therapy through each stage of ACL rehabilitation including: controlling pain and swelling, early stage rehabilitation and low-impact conditioning
  • protocols for each stage of ACL rehabilitation
  • how to identify an athlete's progression timeline
  • how aquatic therapy enhances function for returning to play

This 1 hour webcast was broadcast live from the HydroWorx 2000 Series pool at University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. 


Expand Your Business by Offering Aquatic Therapy for the Aging Athlete

In this webinar participants will receive an introduction to the principles of aquatic therapy, with specific applications for pediatric client populations.  There will be additional focus on physical therapy care planning for children including land to water transitions, treatment considerations, and documentation.


Participants will be able take the following away from this presentation:


  • The properties of water that are beneficial for pediatric therapy
  • What pediatric populations can benefit from aquatic therapy
  • What treatment considerations and precautions/contraindications exist for this population
  • How and when to transition between water and land therapy
  • How to effectively document aquatic therapy
  • What equipment can be used to enhance therapy sessions
  • How to make sessions fun for kids


All of this information will be supported by case studies from Cindy’s aquatic therapy program at Children’s Hospital of St. Paul.



Randy Cohen is currently the associate athletics director for medical services at the University of Arizona. He has been in that position since 2001. Before coming to Arizona, Randy was an assistant athletic trainer for eight years at Purdue University and spent one season as an intern athletic trainer at University of Notre Dame.  Randy has a degree in athletic training from Purdue University, a degree in physical therapy from the University of Illinois - Chicago, and a doctorate of physical therapy from Simmons College. He is the chair of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) College and University Athletic Training Committee.


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