A Case Study: Using Aquatic Therapy for a Hip Labrum/Hip Replacement

Streaming live from the HydroWorx pool!


May 7, 2014 from 12:00pm - 1:00pm MST


Presented By:  Keith Ori, Founder and CEO of Orthopedic Rehab, Inc. and Teresa Kropp, PT, ATC

Hip Replacement


Join Keith Ori, Founder and CEO of Orthopedic Rehab, Inc., for this live webcast as he reviews a case study of a Hip Labrum/Hip Replacement.

This case involves an extremely active 54 yo female who underwent a hip arthroscopy  in 2007 for long standing hip pain. Two years later, she developed progressive hip pain and disability. Despite conservative measures, she ultimately proceeded to a total hip arthroplasty in December of 2009.

She was referred to aquatic therapy 2 weeks later. She has been an advocate of aquatic therapy and especially of the underwater treadmill. She currently has returned to all of her recreational activities including 60 mile bike rides, tennis, jogging and attributes much of her success to the aquatic environment.

Ori and Kropp will walk the attendees through this patient's rehabilitation progression using the HydroWorx 750 Series pool.


Attendees will learn:

  • exercise protocols that can be used to rehabilitate hip replacement patients
  • safe and effective progressions post-surgery
  • pool features and accessories ideal for rehabilitation



Expand Your Business by Offering Aquatic Therapy for the Aging Athlete

In this webinar participants will receive an introduction to the principles of aquatic therapy, with specific applications for pediatric client populations.  There will be additional focus on physical therapy care planning for children including land to water transitions, treatment considerations, and documentation.


Participants will be able take the following away from this presentation:


  • The properties of water that are beneficial for pediatric therapy
  • What pediatric populations can benefit from aquatic therapy
  • What treatment considerations and precautions/contraindications exist for this population
  • How and when to transition between water and land therapy
  • How to effectively document aquatic therapy
  • What equipment can be used to enhance therapy sessions
  • How to make sessions fun for kids


All of this information will be supported by case studies from Cindy’s aquatic therapy program at Children’s Hospital of St. Paul.



Keith Ori is the founder and CEO of Orthopedic Rehab, Inc. Keith has been a practicing physical therapist since 1982 and has opened 4 clinics specializing in post-operative physical therapy. Most recently he and his partner opened an aquatic therapy center where they have experienced considerable growth and success. He has significant experience in both clinical and administrative settings. He is currently chairman of the Montana reimbursement committee and is a member of the Private Practice and Orthopedic Sections of the American Physical Therapy Association.


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