Biomechanical Alterations during Water Running and Transition to Land

Sponsored by HydroWorx

Presented By: Nick Held, M.Hk, CSCS, Research and Development Manager at Hydrathletics


In this webinar, Nick Held, Research and Development Manager at Hydrathletics, will focus on the biomechanical alterations during running while immersed in water compared to land-based running. Water running has become commonly used by athletes, recreationally active individuals and practitioners for rehabilitation or as a form of cross-training.

This webinar aims to present findings in the literature regarding alterations in kinematics and kinetics during deep-water running, shallow-water running and underwater treadmill running. Additionally, Nick will discuss practical applications for underwater treadmill running and a protocol to transition from water to land-based running.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the kinetic and kinematic alterations during water running.
  • Determine the advantages and limitations of using water running.
  • Apply a return to running protocol to transition from water running. 

Approved_CE_Provider_VF_RGB_p.pngContinuing Education: This course is intended for athletic trainers. 1 CEU is available through the BOC for athletic trainers who watch the live webinar in its entirety.


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Nick Held is the Research and Development Manager at Hydrathletics. Nick previously held the positions of Director of Hydrotherapy at Fortius Sport & Health, Sport Scientist with Field Hockey Canada, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Hydrathletics and Behavioral Coach with Wellspring UK. He exemplifies his passion for education and continuing development as he is currently completing his PhD in Experimental Medicine at University of British Columbia. His research interests include the use of water immersion in performance, rehabilitation and recovery as well as long term athlete development. Nick has years of experience using hydrotherapy to help individuals optimize performance and rehabilitation and reach their full potential. In addition, he has presented at multiple conferences in North America and was nominated for the HydroWorx Excellence in Aquatics award.