How to Kick Start a New Aquatic Therapy Program

Presented by:  Troy Moore, DPT, founder of Central Kansas Orthopedic Group Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

In this webinar, Troy Moore, DPT, founder of Central Kansas Orthopedic Group Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, will share how he and his group were able to successfully launch a new aquatic therapy program in their small town.

Troy will discuss how to establish the potential clientele needed to support a successful program and get buy in from staff and referral sources. He will describe the process for making decisions about equipment and facility logistics. Troy will outline the financial considerations when starting a new program including establishing a break-even point, local reimbursement rates and monthly expenses. He will share some innovative ideas for raising awareness of a new program to attract new patients.

Troy will conclude his presentation by revealing a few things he would have done differently based on his first experience starting a new program. 

attendees will learn:

  • How to identify potential clientele of an aquatic therapy program
  • Which financial considerations to review in order to understand the viability of a new program
  • Some innovative marketing ideas to raise awareness and attract new patients


 What Past Webinar Attendees are Saying:

"Please continue with the webinars. They are very informative!"

"I think this was an excellent webinar!"

"You guys did a very nice job! Thank you for the webinar!"


Dr. Troy Moore, who also serves the Physical Therapy Department at the Great Bend Regional Hospital, first became interested in his profession when he was playing college basketball. He saw how effective physical therapy could be to help athletics quickly recover from an injury and strengthen their bodies to better compete, and his interest grew.

He achieved his Bachelor’s Degree from Emporia State University, his Masters at Wichita State University and his Doctorate in 2009 from Regis University.

He has been working in physical therapy since 2006 and now specializes in outpatient physical therapy including chronic pain, sports injuries, post-surgical conditions and spine-related conditions. In 2012, he founded Central Kansas Orthopedic Group Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Kansas Physical Therapy Association.