Utilizing Aquatic Therapy for Hip Replacement Rehabilitation

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Presented by: Erin Bussin, M.Sc, CSCS, Performance Rehabilitation Coach, Hydrotherapy Lead, Fortius Sport & Health

Mark-Whitehead-Photography-Get-The-Shot-Studios-3webThis webinar aims to present findings in the literature regarding outcomes of patients using aquatic therapy vs. land therapy after hip replacement. Additionally, presenter Erin Bussin, M.Sc, CSCS, will discuss practical applications for underwater treadmill rehabilitation and guidelines for treating postoperative hip replacements

Erin will focus on the current hip replacement protocol and objectives on how to effectively create a rehabilitation program in an aquatic therapy pool. She will outline the major focuses at each stage of rehabilitation and which exercises to perform during these stages. Erin will also share case studies of clients she has treated at Fortius Sport & Health. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify benefits of aquatic therapy for hip replacements according to current scientific literature.
  • Create a rehabilitation program for postoperative hip replacement in an aquatic therapy pool.
  • Apply effective aquatic therapy exercises at each stage of postoperative hip replacement rehabilitation.


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As part of the integrated team at Fortius Sport & Health, Performance Rehabilitation Coach and Hydrotherapy Lead Erin Bussin brings her experience of working with special populations in both the clinical and research setting. Erin earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario and a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Prior to Fortius, she spent 2 years in the research environment attaining skills to better help design and implement evidence-based rehabilitation programs. She is always looking for ways to expand her knowledge in health and wellness, performance, and maximizing client potential.