Free Whitepaper: Why Water Worx for Wellness

Aquatic Therapy can impact multiple dimensions of wellness. Find out how.  

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Offering a pain-free and less feared method of wellness and exercise can greatly enhance your participants’ quality of life. In the water, there is no fear of falling or injury. It is also an ideal exercise medium for all adults by helping them maintain their health at a comfortable, functional level.

In a Texas A&M University research study, it has been shown that HydroWorx pool exercise burns more calories per minute than land treadmill exercise when walking or jogging at 4 mph or above (jets at 50% or above). Additionally, four out of five participants preferred exercising in the HydroWorx pool rather than on the land treadmill.

Download our whitepaper today to learn how water can impact wellness, including:

  • how the healing powers of warm water environments enhance multiple dimensions of well-being
  • why warm water activity is ideal for aging adults
  • creative ideas for implementing a wellness program in water

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